“A revived church is the only hope for a dying world.” – Andrew Murray

+What we believe


Heart Cry SA endorses the following creed and are pledged thereto in all its functioning:

– We believe in God Triune, one Being, three Persons; Father, Son and Holy Ghost (cf.2Co.13:14).

– We believe that God, the almighty Father, created heaven and all things therein, the earth and all things thereon (Gen.1:1; 2:1, 2) and that He maintains it all by his authoritative word (Ps.104:1-35; He.1:3).

– We believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God (Jn.3:16), who was conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of the virgin Mary (Lu. 1:26-35); who was crucified for our sins and rose again from the dead so that we could be pardoned (Ro. 3:24), and that we, by our faith in Jesus Christ our Lord, can have free access to this grace, in which we now stand (Ro.5:1,2); who ascended into heaven to appear before God as intercessor for us (Ac.1:9-11; He.7:25, 9:24); from whence He shall come to judge the living and the dead (Matt.25:31-46; Ac.17:30,31).

– We believe in the Holy Spirit (cf. Jn.14:16,17,26; Ac. 5:3), who converts us (Jn.3:5-8) and grants us what we now have obtained in Christ, i.e. the washing and cleansing of our sins and the daily regeneration and sanctification of our lives, until we shall be perfect, when we are set up in eternal life.

– We believe that all of the Scriptures (Old and New Testaments) were divinely inspired and, as such, constitute the infallible Word of God (cf. 2Ti.3:15-17).

– We believe that man is, by nature, a child of wrath (Ep.2:3), and that he cannot see the kingdom of God, except that he be born again (Jn.3:3-8).

– We believe that God gathers a church for himself by his Word and Spirit (cf. Ac.15:17) and the powers of hell shall not prevail against it (Mt.16:18).

– We believe it pleased God to let the church become visible through offices and ministries (Ac.14:23; Tit.1:5; 1Pe.2:9).

– We believe that, since the beginning, it has been the non-transferable duty of the particular office-bearers to prepare the faithful for their service in the edification of the body of Christ (Ep.4:11-16).  As an example, the gospel was committed to trustworthy men, who were then able to teach others also (2Tim.2:2).

– We believe that revival always occurs from Above in times of decline (Jn.6:63). It is the Spirit who revives the dead men’s bones (Eze.37:1-14), who empowers the faithful to become witnesses unto God everywhere (Act.1:8), and who is the guarantee that the preaching of the gospel will be blessed (cf. Ac.14:1).  God promises the new life when his people ask Him the same in prayer (Ps. 85:6; 2 Chr.7:12-15; Jn.7:7, 8; Ja.4:2).

– We believe that true church regeneration (the fruit of revival) is the regeneration of offices, i.e. the particular office and the task of the believer as prophet, priest and king, since the taking of offices always occur in commitment to the local congregation (Ac.20:28; Ep.4:8, 11-16; 1 Pe.2:9).

– We believe that the faithful should be employed in an ecclesiastically structured way, and that they should be allowed to offer themselves for ministerial duties spontaneously (cf.1Pe.2:9). The ideal congregation functions like a “workshop,” where everyone knows his duty and also fulfils it (cf. Jo.15:1-7; 1Co.12:7; 1Pe.4:10, 11).

– We believe that intercession, pastoral work and preaching are the actual duty of the church. The duty of the church as an institute and the duty of the church members do not encompass exactly the same field. The office-bearers of the church should attend to the flock (Ac.20:28) and prepare the members for their service (Ep.4:11-16). The church members, on the other hand, have a duty to fulfil in the secular world. This duty is actually unlimited in that it involves being the salt of the earth and the light of the world (Mt.5:13-16) and thereby to represent the new life in Christ all over the world.

– We believe that, although the congregation is left to its own resources to be spiritually independent (Ep.4:11-16), it is also Biblically correct that a congregation may receive assistance from the outside, since Timothy was sent to the Thessalonians to fortify them and to encourage them in their faith (1Th.3:2). This assistance from the outside should preferably be rendered at the request of the church council of the local congregation(s).

We believe that Heart Cry is a friend of the church and, as organization, it can be utilized beneficially by the churches.

+What we do


Heart Cry SA is initiated by God, for His glory and for His eternal purpose.  We believe that God has called us to be instruments in His hands to address this need. We are inspired by several key biblical principles and philosophies which provide the foundation since the birth of this ministry.  Our objectives are to help people and churches to know and experience God more intimately that will dramatically affect their marriages, homes, churches, businesses and communities.

We are totally aware of the fact that Revival is the work of God. We realize we cannot advertise, create, imitate Revival, but we can co-operate with God to prepare the way for Revival. In our ministry we are totally dependent upon Him to send it.

We are called to Glorify God to be All in all:

Through the Connected process and resources on intimacy with God and revival

– establishing relational discipleship networks

– equipping and empowering workers through coaching

– mentoring and developing of spiritual leaders from where they are to where God wants them to be,

through retreats, seminars, training and conferences.

+Who we are


Vision – We exist to glorify God (through a revival amongst God’s people and a spiritual awakening amongst the lost).

Mission – Our mission is to act as a catalyst of Revival (Personal, Marriage, Home, Church and Community) within the body of Christ’s churches through a message of intimacy with God, revival and spiritual awakening

Our ministry is based on the following core values:

– Prayer (Jer. 29:12-14, Eph. 6:18)

– Stewardship (Luc. 6:38, 2Cor. 9: 6-8)

– Excellence (Ps. 8:9, Col. 3: 23-24)

– Integrity

– Servant heart and spirit (Matt. 20:27-28, Phil. 2: 5-8)

– Purity of Life

– Relationships and Networking

– Revival (Ps. 85, Isa. 64, 2Chron. 7:14)

+Where we go


Heart Cry SA is part of the international connection to the name ‘HeartCry,’ and a co-sponsor of the annual Heart Cry prayer for revival conference at The Billy Graham Convention Center:

“The vision of the 2017 FUSION Conference is to encourage spiritual fusion: that massive energy would be released as a result of leaders coming together to learn, pray, and strategize for action. We believe God’s plan is to unite the various prayer movements and calls for revival, trusting God to give birth to an extraordinary wide-scale spiritual awakening.

The conference is open to pastors; ministry, prayer, and marketplace leaders; and others who are deeply passionate for revival and spiritual awakening. Therefore, during this urgent hour, when darkness is rapidly encroaching, and the spiritual and moral fiber of America is declining, we urge Christian leaders to prayerfully consider joining with other like-hearted leaders to seek Christ together.” Find more info on their page.