Coaching is a partnership that helps you move from where you are to where you want to be. It is a process that helps you to grow faster and move past challenges that are hindering you from reaching your full potential.


Increased motivation that comes from clarifying your desires and living in harmony with your guiding values.

Liberating insights that help you to overcome hindrances to desired change. Coaching allows you to break through false ceilings.

Confidential support that builds confidence and provides healthy accountability.

Transformational growth that focuses on moving forward in your life, work or relationships. A coach is a professional change agent who helps you build your capacity as a leader and a person. You will go further faster with a coach.

Mountaintop experiences (even those at the sea) are hard to carry back into our daily lives. That’s why one of the key components of the Re-Connect Retreat is the relationship you will have a with a coach whom you’ll get to know during your retreat, and who will stay in touch with you as you go back to your world and environment. This is most important, because we all know that we are most vulnerable to an attack from the enemy when we come down from the mountain. Your coach will help you stand strong and keep God’s fire inside you burning brightly. The coaches will walk with the participants/pastors for 60 days, after the retreats, seeking to assist you in implementing the principals covered in the retreat into your daily life so that intimacy with God will become a daily habit and way of life.

Coaching Retreat

The Coaching Retreat will be a two-day retreat, either on Monday-Tuesday or Thursday-Friday or a Friday-Saturday. The retreat will begin at 9:00 am on the first day and will end at 3:00 pm on the second day or at 6:00pm on Friday ending at 15:00 pm on the Saturday.

We will provide a manual, Introduction to Coaching and some supplementary reading material and resources. The main purpose is to multiply spiritual leaders by developing the skills, disciplines and heart of a coach. It is to develop a relationship that will help you and the people that you coach move from where you are to where God wants you to be.


The participant will be paired with a coach who will assist him in developing a personal coaching style and implementing the principles covered in the retreat. These newly trained coaches will be utilized at the Re-Connect Retreat and Leadership Track.

We will plan and schedule Coaching Retreats according to the need and development of spiritual leaders as Coordinators and Reconnect Retreats/Leadership Tracks are scheduled and the Lord leads.


Coaching Responsibilities

The trained coaches will be assigned to the Re-Connect Retreat and Leadership Track to coach during and thereafter to the participant assigned.

Since we place tremendous value on coaching, we expect the highest standards for our coaches. Although the expectations of the environments may vary, we require excellence in all; as it is a reflection or our own walk with God and the ministry of Heart Cry.

The best environment for coaching is one-on-one and face-to-face. There is something about the physical presence in building good, personal relationships with one another. Body language, verbal intonations, eye contact, and other physical aspects are more difficult to experience in some of the other environments. To make an appointment, drive over, spend and hour together, pray and shake hands are things that other venues do not afford.

However, we recognize that busy schedules necessitate different venues for the processes to take place. Most of the environments available will work well. You can make use of the Internet (Skype), Face Time, Google etc. It will not give you the feeling of being there, but it is the best next thing. The telephone is also acceptable method of coaching but it is the least preferred method. However, it will not be allowed for all the sessions as we require at least some face-to-face, some via internet and if need be by telephone.


The Coaches

The coaches (if assigned) are required to be at the Coaching Training to coach throughout the sessions with the leader/participants assigned to your group. Following the Retreat, you will be paired with a trainee and meet with him once or twice. It would be advisable to keep contact with the assigned participant through an encouraging email, or text asking for prayer requests and assuring them of your prayers for them during your quiet time. At the end of your time with him, you need to complete an assessment or report back on his progress and insights.