Connected Overview

Connected is a ‘discipleship-base process’ designed to equip and empower believers and churches to become, develop and duplicate effective followers of Christ. They also become workers and leaders of influence who in turn transform their environment. The goal is to encourage and establish a new lifestyle of intimacy with God. It calls all like-minded people to become part of a movement of believers who re-discover how being Connected can transform their church, community, culture, and country!

The Connected Process consists out of presentations, practical exercises, spiritual coaching, mentoring, follow up sessions, and self study. Life and character transformation take place as you are committed to the process and respond to the Holy Spirit. The journey starts with a Retreat or School of Prayer using The Connected Life materials followed with a Retreat or School of Prayer, followed with 9 weeks of discipleship through coaching and mentoring. The initial retreat is followed with The Connected Disciple (8 sessions), and The Connected Leader (9-12 sessions), with other supplementary materials.

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Become Connected

This journey will take you deeper in your own walk with God. You will re-discover the power and joy of fellowship with God and his people. As you mentor and disciple others to grow to maturity, you will experience the joy of helping believers to encounter God. You will experience more intimacy and reality in your life being Connected with God with lasting transformation in the lives of ordinary people.

The life and ministry of Jesus impacted the people closest to Him and reached the ends of the earth. His influence grew and stretched beyond Israel to other parts of the World and is still impacting people today. We believe we will be most effective if we study and follow His methods, strategy and model. God has called us to lead all people to a greater understanding of what it means to enjoy the reality, purpose and intimacy with God.