Paying attention to what God is doing

“I have come to realize that Christianity is not what I know, but what I become as I respond to God. Here I post some thoughts on learning to become more attuned to the still small voice of God in all seasons of my life. It is not so much doing for God than being with Him and paying attention to what He is doing in my life. I will include some excerpts from my books, resources for churches, posts on current events, and reflections as part of my journey. Thanks for dropping by.”

Francois Carr, BTH, MCC, D. Min, NDPB, is the Executive Director of Heart Cry in South Africa. He studied Personnel Management in Cape Town and followed a career as a Personnel Officer in the South African Defense Force. During this time he became involved in a youth ministry that prayed for revival in South Africa. He felt the call of the Lord into a revival related ministry in November 1992 during a youth conference.

He became the National Coordinator of Revival South Africa promoting the message of revival whilst serving in a fulltime capacity as an officer in the Defense Force. He studied part time, obtaining his Bachelor in Theology, Masters in Christian Counseling and his Doctorate in Ministry.

As the National Coordinator he planned and organized conferences about revival throughout South Africa until he felt led by the Lord to resign from his position (by then a Lt. Colonel) in the Defense Force and enter into fulltime ministry. He step out by faith and became the Executive Director of Revival SA in June 1999. He founded a new ministry, called Heart Cry that focus on helping people to experience more intimacy with God and mentors spiritual leaders and churches to become a catalyst for revival. Heart Cry co-sponsor conferences in the USA, Europe and Africa. He is well known for his burden for intimacy with God and revival and a popular speaker in Africa, North America and the United Kingdom. He authored several books and articles on prayer, holiness and revival. He is married to Dorothea and has one daughter, Leone. He currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa.

"Wat is herlewing?"

Ons land het ‘n besondere behoefte en verlange na ‘n magtige beweging van God se Gees onder elke stam, volk, nasie en taal wat homself bevind in die land Suid-Afrika. Hoe kan ek en jy deel wees daarvan om as ‘n kanaal bevind te word waardeur Hy kan werk en beweeg om die mense rondom jou te bereik vir Sy Koninkryk en tot verheerliking van Sy Naam?

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