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The latest publication of Dr Henry & Dr Richard Blackaby, author and co-author of the Experiencing God materials, called Flickering Lamps: Christ & and His Church has arrived in South Africa. Get your copy now.

The majority of churches in North America today are either plateaued or in decline. Christian values are under siege. Many have concluded that the future of the Church is bleak. But what would happen if the risen Christ suddenly appeared at your church’s door and took over day-to-day operations? Would anything change? Would there be renewed hope? There is Hope for your Church. Join Henry & Richard as they examine what happened when Christ took control of a little church that was about to die in Canada.

Many churches today practice hypocrisy. They claim that God is all-powerful, yet they never attempt anything they cannot do in their own strength. They believe God provides for all of their needs, yet they worry about their finances. They claim that Christ is the head of their church, yet members argue about how the church conducts its business. They hold the doctrine that Christ will build the Church, yet their church is plateaued or in decline. In America today, the majority of churches are not growing. Thousands of churches close their doors every year.

It is for this reason that Flickering Lamps: Christ and His Church was written. It tells the true story of how God took a church that was about to disband, and transformed it into an exciting center of mission activity. It relates how a small church began to let Christ truly lead them and the spectacular results that followed. Many churches have studied the profound truths found in this book and have found encouragement and experienced revival.

What others say:

Flickering Lamps: Christ and His Church is a powerful reminder for every church, pastor, and leader that God wants His church to be alive and well. The problem is that we know the problem, but it seems everyone wants to fix the problem with a program.  Programs won’t fix the problems of the church. Only Christ as the head of the church can fix His body. This a book of hope and a challenge to the declining church. These pages are filled with truths that need to be heeded.

– Michael Catt, senior pastor, Sherwood Church, executive produces of Sherwood pictures; Flywheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof, Courageous, The Prayer Room

In my 18+ years as a senior pastor, there were times when I found myself engaged in doing things “for” God and thus, easily distracted from the central calling of God on my life and the headship of Christ in my life and the congregation I was leading. I am grateful that God used those times to bring me to the end of myself and then, to re-orient me to my primary calling as a leader and what it meant for the Risen Christ to be head of my life and the church.  As we meet pastors across our nation and internationally, we have found many who are struggling with “doing” the right things for God without taking time to know what is on His heart and mind for them or the church. Apart from acknowledging and living under the Headship of Christ, the church and its leaders are left to their best thinking and that eventually results in a church that struggles, spiritually and in all aspects of church life.

“Flickering Lamps” has been written and made available by Blackaby Ministries International for the purpose of helping pastors and lay leaders to be re-oriented to Christ and His purposes, presence, power, provision, plans and preeminence. We are finding great response in churches that are healthy and churches that are plateaued and struggling. It is always a good thing to make sure we are living, leading and ministering on Christ’s agenda! I encourage every pastor and their lay leadership to take time to walk through the truths of this book together and allow the Risen Christ to make a fresh impact on your life and congregation!

– Rick Fisher, Vice President, BMI


Dr. Henry Blackaby


Dr. Richard Blackaby

Endorsement of Heart Cry SA

Flickering Lamps: Christ & His Church is printed and distributed by Heart Cry SA in South Africa with the kind permission of Blackaby Ministries International Inc.

“I have spent most of my life involved in revival. I have seen God work mightily on numerous occasions. It has been my profound honor to be associated with Heart Cry South Africa for many years. It has a strong, biblical, profound message and ministry that God has used repeatedly to bless the churches of South Africa and around the world. I look forward to every opportunity I have to partner with them to expand God’s work across South Africa.

– Dr. Henry T. Blackaby, president emeritus, Blackaby Ministries International, author of Experiencing God.”

“It has been my privilege to work with Francois Carr and Heart Cry South Africa for many years. I appreciate the focus and passion and biblical nature of their ministry for revival. God has used this ministry to profoundly impact churches across South Africa and the world. I pray that God will use the powerful truths found in Flickering Lamps to bring revival to churches all across the land.

– Dr. Richard Blackaby, president, Blackaby Ministries International, Co-author of Experiencing God, review edition.”


  • This book brings hope with a testimony of a church that was revived from the ashes. When God started to work they started to grow which made an impact in their society to the glory of God. I can truly testify that I know of countless churches in our own country which turned around to make a difference and started to bear fruit in their lives. Blackaby warns churches who refuse to change or alter their perspective. He believes that everything will start to change when the church finds herself in utter brokenness and repentance before God in order to become a beacon of light which can shine in our dark world. May this book help church leaders to be encouraged with a new and fresh vision from God for their local churches.

    Dirkie van der Spuy
    Dirkie van der Spuy
    Leader of Moreletapark Association and Assesor of the Duth Reformed Church
  • Flickering Lamps will call you to surrender. It will call you beyond commitment. It will give you enough theology to understand the essence of the gospel and it will give you ample stories to explain the theology. Without stories the theology very often does not make sense. I am thankful for a book that tells about the dire situation of the church but gives a way forward and generates hope. There are too many books going either into doom and gloom by giving us just the bad stats. There are many more that are trying to avoid reality and preach a false triumphalism. When I was reading the book, I felt some new hope and a rekindling of fire in my "bones."

    Dr. Bennie Mostert
    Dr. Bennie Mostert
    Director of Jericho Walls Prayer Network
  • “Flickering lamps” is die beste beskrywing van die Kerk van Jesus Christus wat ek nog ooit gehoor het. In n tyd soos hierdie waar die Kerk nie dood is nie, maar daar n doodsheid begin intree het, is dit noodsaaklik om dit biddend te lees. As ek om my kyk sien ek daar is hoop, maar ek sien ook dat dit maar hopeloos gaan in die meeste gemeentes wat besig is om te krimp. Party gemeentes lyk soos flikkerende ligte wat dit net weer vir ons uitwys ons groot nood aan herlewing.

    Rev. Johan Botha
    Rev. Johan Botha
    Pastor of Evangelical Reformed Church Pretoria East, Board of Trustee member Heart Cry SA
  • Hier is ʼn boek wat ek graag met my hele hart wil aanbeveel vir elke kind van God, in besonder vir predikante wat ernstig is oor die gemeente van Christus waarbinne u God aanbid. Henry Blackaby en sy seun Richard het by die meeste van ons geen bekendstelling nodig nie. ʼn Menigte baie waardevolle boeke het deur die jare uit hul pen die lig gesien. Hier is ʼn werk, stewig gefundeer in die Woord van God, gerugsteun met praktiese ondervinding vanuit Henry se persoonlike bediening in sy gemeente. Die outeurs se algehele afhanklikheid van God in die opbou van ʼn gemeente is ʼn uitstaande kenmerk van hierdie boek. Dit is na my mening een van die beste boeke wat ʼn mens op jou rak kan hê oor die onderwerp van Gemeentewees.

    Dr. Andre Bester
    Dr. Andre Bester
    Moderator, Evangelical Reformed Church South Africa
  • The heart`s cry of many is for a genuine revival – revival that comes from God and not from man. History give testimony that whenever God touches His people, their lives, Churches and communities were changed. They experienced new power and fervor to do His work and to glorify Him. But, many are saying, “We don’t know what to do? Where do we start? What is on His heart and agenda in such a time as this?" God used Dr Blackaby to touch a small Church in Canada for His Glory. I welcome this book on Church Revitalization from Henry & Richard Blackaby. Their latest publication, 'Flickering Lamps', is easy to read and a very practical tool with lots of guidelines and questions to reflect upon which refocusses our attention to the presence of Christ and the Glory of God. It is a timely book and a must read. It is my prayer that God will use this book to stir our hearts, renew our hope and get us ready to see and experience a breath and touch from Heaven that will glorify God and change lives, Churches and communities. ‘Even so, come Lord Jesus!’ Come in your power and work through your people.

    Dr. Francois Carr
    Dr. Francois Carr
    Executive Director of Heart Cry SA
“Will God ever ask you to do something you are
not able to do? The answer is yes -- all the time!
It must be that way, for God's glory
and kingdom. If we function according to our
ability alone, we get the glory; if we function
according to the power of the Spirit within us, God
gets the glory. He wants to reveal Himself to a watching world.”
- Henry T. Blackaby