Jim Cymbala on Revival

I remember praying, “Lord, I have no idea how to be a successful pastor. I haven’t been trained. All I know is that Carol and I are working in the middle of New York City, with people dying on every side, overdosing from heroin, consumed by materialism. If the Gospel is so powerful … .” I couldn’t finish the sentence. Quietly but forcefully, I sensed God speaking: If you and your wife will lead My people to pray and call upon My name, you will never lack for something fresh to preach. I will supply all the money that’s needed, both for the church and for your family, and you will never have a building large enough to contain the crowds I will send in response.


More info on Jim Cymbala

Pastor Jim Cymbala is a native New Yorker, raised in the borough of Brooklyn. Not long after he married Carol, his childhood sweetheart, Cymbala felt a call to the ministry and took over the leadership of The Brooklyn Tabernacle in the early 1970s. The small, struggling congregation met in a small, run-down building surrounded by the physical and moral blight of the inner city. Cymbala tells many of his early pastoring experiences in his book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire, how he and Carol believed serving at Brooklyn Tabernacle was the very spot where God’s love could meet the most desperate of human needs. They realized the necessity of real prayer to secure God’s grace and power in their ministry. The church’s Tuesday Night Prayer Meetings started small but became a central feature in the life of the church and has remained so to this day.

Over time, Brooklyn Tabernacle planted churches in other needy areas of the city and eventually established ministries in Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Israel, Guyana and the Philippines. The leadership for most of these ministries has been raised up by God from the congregation, which itself represents so many parts of the world. Other books written by Cymbala include Fresh Faith; Fresh Power; Breakthrough Prayer; The Life God Blesses; The Church God Blesses; and The Promise of God’s Power.

(Bio adapted from BrooklynTabernacle.org)

Our heart for prayer and our country

We live in a time where we realize that our only avenue for true change is prayer. There is a Heart-Cry for Revival in South Africa and a longing for a fresh encounter with God which will permeate in every faculty of our lives. Economic and political unrest continue to wrestle in the minds and hearts of our people. In a time such as this we can come together for a unified and passionate time of prayer.

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