Revival – One for One

One Heart, One Home. One Church, One Nation

As an organization we exist to glorify God through spiritual revival among believers and spiritual awakening in the world. We strive to play a role in revival in the home, marriage life, personal experience, corporate and church settings as part of the body of Christ.


To Glorify God in all


To revive and strengthen His church

To advance and extend His Kingdom

To accomplish His Personal and Eternal Purpose


To Re-Discover the Joy of Fellowship and Intimacy

To act as a catalyst of Revival and Spiritual Awakening among God’s people (Personal, Marriage, Home, Church and Community)

To train and equip all participants, leaders, mentors and coaches

Some Spin-offs:

Intimacy with God leading to Individual Life Transformation

Connected, Growing and Mature Christians and Visionary Leadership and Effective Discipleship leading to Church Transformation

Spiritual Healthy Churches / Evangelism and Missions leading to Community and Culture Transformation.

Key Focus Areas and Process:

Intimacy with God (Re-Connect Retreat)

Visionary Leadership (Leadership Track)

Effective Discipleship and Spiritual Coaching

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Revival Meetings


Here at Heart Cry Ministries South Africa we embrace our God-given call to establish and restore the message of Revival in our country and abroad. We long for God to come and move among our people as He did in the days of old and we believe He can do it again.