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When Jesus called His twelve disciples He had a wonderful plan in mind for them. Jesus desired to establish His kingdom on Earth and He was about to use these twelve disciples to be His channel of blessing. He called them to come and sit with Him and understand His heart. Their greatest calling was to come to know Jesus’ teaching, understand His way of life, but even greater they had to be changed into His very image. Our greatest call in life is to come and sit at the feet of Jesus and to be changed into His likeness. We are called to become like Christ and be His representatives in this world. “It is the look that saves us, but the gaze that sanctifies.” – Robert Murray McCheynne. During the ReConnect Course you will first be inspired to encounter God as your daily priority in life, then you will also be challenged to partner with other Christians in the group as a follow up initiative. The Lord wants to send you on a life-transforming journey and you will need fellow brothers and sister in Christ in order to fulfill the Great Commission. We are interested to take the journey with you and would like to encourage you to fulfill Christ’s call towards us to sit at His feet and go out to make disciples who will do the same.


God has not changed and His ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts (Isaiah 55:8). God is constantly busy to bring to completion His plan of salvation and eternal purposes. It is His will that all nations will get to know Jesus as their saviour (John 3:16) and that they will be transformed into the image and likeness of His Son, Jesus Christ (Romans 8:29). God has always, as He still is today, bringing His plan to completion through His Son, but He also calls and commissions Christian people to join Him and His mission, so that He may do a work through them (Matthew 28: 18-20). When God calls people, they have to adjust their lives and follow Him. God does a unique work in and through each person, group or congregation to achieve His eternal purpose. However, we have to be in contact with Him and live for Him daily, so that we will know what is in His heart and come to understand, live and implement His agenda and plan.
Every Christian understands the reality of God and should desire to be in an intimate and close relationship with God. Nowadays it seems as though our lives, schedules and churches are filled with programs, activities, courses and events and most recently “quick fixes. All this is done with the hope that the growth and change that we have been praying for will be lasting. There is however a problem that withholds Churches worldwide to reach their full potential for growth and that weakens Christians’ spiritual vitality: a life or church that is not in contact with God.
Resulting in:
• An intimate relationship with God is replaced with spiritual activities and programs
• The awareness of God’s presence and power in and through our life has become lost If you desire a walk of faith that is close to God, wants to grow in your spiritual life and want to be used by God, then the CONNECTED process is for you.

It is not meant to be more information on how to do things or what you should do or should have done, but rather it has been put together to know Him (Philippians 3:10; 2 Corinthians 3:18) and to make Him known. This can only happen when we Reconnect and live in contact with Him.

The Reconnect Retreat was more than I could have asked for. I truly was able to preach from the overflow the following Sunday. I can say that the information was applicable to a broad range of Pastors. As I talked with and listened to the various guys from various age groups and backgrounds we all walked away with help, but it all seemed to be in different areas.

Testimonial South Carolina Baptist Convention
South Carolina Baptist Convention
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You do not have to walk this path alone:

Perhaps things are going well in your church and ministry, but you have this nagging feeling that you aren’t spending enough time with God. You’re busy doing the tasks He has called you to do, and that means that you are spending less time alone with Him – getting your bearings and hearing His guidance for you. Wherever you are in your walk, consider attending a ReConnect School of Prayer Retreat. You’ll be given the tools, the time, and the guidance to connect with God.


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