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11 March 2023 | 08h30 – 12h00

@ Lighthouse Christian Centre

Awaken logo FIN

11 March 2023 | 08h30 – 12h00

@ Lighthouse Christian Centre

Prayer Conference:

United in Prayer calls all believers to come and celebrate “what the Lord is doing” through prayer. Our purpose is to enflame the vision for missions and revival for South Africa. We seek to stimulate hunger for biblical revival by sharing inspiring testimonies of the power of prayer, focus on intercessory prayer, and a growing understanding of a united front in this spiritual reality. While allowing for divergent views to be expressed, we long for the Spirit to draw near in revival and awakening, and for the Lord Jesus Christ to be highly exalted in ways that will greatly glorify our Father in heaven!

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Dr Francois Carr

HeartCry SA

Francois Carr, is the Executive Director of Heart Cry SA, which also annually hosts and collaborates with Blackaby Ministries International. He is passionate about revival and he regularly speaks abroad in the US, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. He is also a writer of several books and articles on prayer, revival and intimacy with God. His latest focus is the material and presentations of The Connected Life – The Jesus Way on becoming more intentional in your personal walk with God. He is also a well-known tour leader to the Holy Land and places of revival in Europe and places of The Reformation. The aim of these tours are to help people have a deeper understanding of God’s purposes for their personal walk with Him.

Greg Modungwa

Tribe South Africa

Gregory Modungwa, is a Youth Director at Unashamedly Ethical and facilitates all initiatives related to the fast-growing Youth Movement called Tribe. His ministry focusses on individuals, leaders & organizations guided by their founding vision to transform society by taking a stand for ethics, values, and clean living. He completed his Theological Degree at Global University in 2013 and has been in full-time ministry for over a decade. He is passionate about youth and prayer and serves on various boards of international prayer ministries. He has worked in schools for over 12 years specializing in discipleship and values-driven programs as well as organizational culture transformation of various schools.

Rev Stefano Fehr

Call of Hope International

Stefano Fehr, is the president of Call of Hope SA and USA. Born in a mission’s home in Europe, Stefano has in-depth experience of extensive pioneering in unreached and impossible places, especially where conversion to Christianity is forbidden and heavily persecuted. Stefano leads this ministry today with hundreds of native missionaries world-wide in the frontlines of astonishing mission endeavours. Even thousands of volunteers who have become believers through the mission now risk their lives to share Christ in far reaching places across Africa and the Middle East. Stefano also co-authored God of Impossible with many staggering stories of hope in the most difficult of places world-wide.



Lighthouse Christian Centre

275 Voortrekker Rd, Fairfield Estate, Cape Town, 7500

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